Campus Transportation

Familiarize yourself with the University's Public Transit Discount Programs. These programs include reduced fares for Metrorail, Tri-Rail and Metro-Bus.


Tri-Rail also provides a transportation solution which connects to our campus via Metrorail which allows connectivity throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

South Florida Commuter Services has information concerning carpools which can help you find a flexible ride match to campus.


Acquaint yourself with Metrobus programs and routes which serve our campus.

Hurry 'Cane Shuttles
The University's on-campus shuttle system is an reliable, effective way to get around campus. It is available free of charge to students, faculty, and staff.
Our Coral Gables campus has been designated a bike-friendly campus. Learn more about this healthy and active transportation option.

Walking Canes
Walking is not only fun and healthy but is also a way to more fully enjoy our beautiful campus.

The University offers Zipcar to help meet your needs and complement other transportation alternatives. Zipcar is available to faculty, staff, and students.

Taxi and Ride Share

Learn more about our efforts to coordinate with market-based taxi and ride share alternatives.