Carpooling is an alternative to driving which, can save you time and money. You save time by using high occupancy vehicles (HOV) lanes and you save money by sharing the cost of tolls, gas, and other vehicle expenses including the cost of a campus parking permit.


The program, in partnership with South Florida Commuter Services, is available to full-time and part-time students, faculty, and staff.

How to Signup 

Signing up is quick! Simply go to Get2UM and complete a short registration form. You will receive access to your South Florida Commuter Service online personal profile. Once registered, you can review the list of carpool matches and you can call, text, or email for carpool confirmation. You and other carpoolers set up your meeting time and location. All information is kept confidential.

In case of an Emergency

Make sure you enroll to the Emergency Ride Home program when you register your carpool.