480x320-carpool-campus-transportation RideFlag

RideFlag, University of Miami’s new carpool on-demand mobile app, makes carpooling to campus a great option. It provides carpool matches in real time as well as allow you to schedule future carpool rides.  

Carpooling is an alternative to driving which, can save you time and money. You save money by sharing the cost of tolls, gas, and other vehicle expenses including the cost of a campus parking permit. 


The program, in partnership with South Florida Commuter Services, is available to full-time and part-time students, faculty, and staff. Download and complete the eligibility and acknowledgment form here.

How to sign up

Signing up is quick! Simply go to Google Play or Goggle App Store or download the app here. You will be prompted to complete your personal file using your UM email. Once registered, you can review the list of carpool matches and you can call, text, or email for carpool confirmation. You and other carpoolers set up your meeting time and location. All information is kept confidential.

How to schedule a ride

With RideFlag you can schedule your next ride within the UM community "circle." This "circle" is prioritized in your match listing due to the UM "circle" affiliation. RideFlag also provides the flexibilty to schedule your next ride as a Driver or a Rider. Learn more.

Scheduling a ride is quick and easy:

  • Enter your destination and get instant carpool matches, or schedule future rides.
  • Decide whom you ride or drive with.
  • A valid UM parking permit is required.

In case of an Emergency

Make sure you enroll in the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program through this link and receive 6 ERH vouchers when you register your carpool.